The Fractured Haven

The Fractured Haven  

This decaying collection of buildings was at one time an asylum complex for children. Built on a heavily wooded patch of land, the center was considered state of the art at the time of its opening in 1925. However, not long afterword it began to fall into a shameful state of existence. Numerous accounts of patient abuse were reported, and an ever declining state of repair of the buildings and grounds put the asylum into a downward spiral that it could not come out of. In 1991 its doors were finally forced shut for good, as per a direct order handed down by a federal court. The pain that the facility had wrought while operating was a lingering one though, and even after the campus was left abandoned class-action lawsuits continued to be filed against the former hospital.

The campus still festers today. Crumbling facades conceal away dark hallways which bow and twist from decades of neglect. The hospital windows are now little more that scattered shard of broken glass, and a carpet of medical records decorates the floor of the administrations building, left long ago during the facility's closing. Many of the walls here are painted with cheerful, colorful scenes. As lighthearted as these paintings may be, knowing the asylum's history, and the abuses that the characters in these paintings bore witness to, makes them almost seem as if they are keeping secrets. They stare out at you from their walls as you pass, and slowly sink back into the gloom as the glow of your flashlight travels further down the hall.

Dress forms stand in the decaying laundry building.

Rusting cribs serve as reminders to just how young some of the patients here were.

A small three-tier morgue rots away in the basement of the administrative building.

This is an older video of ours. When watching, you may notice that it has a different "feel" to it than our current-day films. This is because the style of our cinematography has progressed over time, and our equipment has changed and improved throughout the years. We have chosen to leave our older videos available for viewing online to illustrate the evolution of our work.