The Broken Tower

The Broken Tower 

Peering out over a small town, from within a thin wood-line which was once a manicured front lawn, sits the broken and battered remains of an old hotel. When it first opened in 1927 none could have ever imagined the state which the once well-appointed resort would eventually decay to. During its prime this place operated for several decades servicing patrons of the town's then-famous bath houses. Though once tremendously popular, these baths eventually fell to the wayside, and this hotel followed suit. Now the tower is home to nothing, save it's slowly twisting corridors and the pitch black shadows which conceal them.

Though we visited this place in the early spring, it was as if winter's grasp had yet to vacate the hotel's interior. As you step from the daylight into the darkness which clings to this place, you hit a wall of cold air far more suited to the dank recesses of some subterranean cavern than a hotel lobby. That being said - It comes as little surprise that the walls and ceilings of this weathered place have begun to reflect just that. Much of the building's structural wood has come to be exposed, as the ornate facades wither, die, and fall away. This wood, which supports the five stories that make this hotel, is water-stained to a dark brown, giving the impression of being perpetually wet... which it very well may be.

This excessive moisture has buckled and bowed the old hotel from top to bottom. Within its walls one would be very hard-pressed to find a single level surface. The effect is dizzying at times, as opposite walls pull away from each-other your sense of balance often comes into question. The wings of this hotel are slowly sinking, and each in a different direction. The roofing is taunt from the stress of holding all these decaying parts together, and has begun to tear in places, allowing even more water easy access to its already saturated framework. At one point while filming we were interrupted by a low and pronounced gurgling sound coming from directly overhead. Somewhere above us, beyond the blackened ceiling, the hotel was literally coming apart at the seams.

 *It should be noted that every photo in this set was captured with the camera 100% level.
All visible slanting is the result of failing building supports.

Time and rain has made the building's ornate metal ceiling into an obstetrical course of jagged hanging blades.


This image gives a good idea of just how crooked the hotel has become.