Abandoned Resorts of the Northeast



Abandoned resorts are both haunting and humbling to behold. Massive, cavernous, and sprawling, they once brimmed with life and laughter. Now they stand in eerie silence--a life of solitude they seem ill-suited to.

Occasionally there are places which, through some chain of events, planned or not, come to embody a specific era in American popular culture. The massive vacation resorts of yesteryear are throwbacks to a way of life we seem to have drifted away from over the recent decades. They are relics of a simpler time when driving into the mountains with one's family was the pinnacle of a vacation getaway. These resorts still exist today, though by-and-large they have been left to rot, thrown away by a society that no longer requires them. They are decaying reminders that, not long ago, simply enjoying one another's company was considered a vacation.

Walk the darkened halls and wander the shadowed lobbies of these immense, abandoned resorts, and witness what happens when properties built to entertain thousands are left without a soul to care for, or to care for them.

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