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Mount Moriah Cemetery


Mount Moriah Cemetery


Amongst fields of cloaked tombstones, strange trees loom and thorned weeds grow.

Land once famed, now dragged below by gripping vines that flesh did sow.

Countless eyes of statues stare, and though cold stone they seem aware.

Perhaps evoking a time that there were flowers here, and quiet prayer.

Rolling hills of family plots, lost to time, flora. Forgot.

The city beyond seems know not the lessons that these lands have taught.

What see you in these lost tombs, sadness for those here consumed?

Know that all is nature's womb, and here the dead return in bloom.

Where one sees souls no more remembered, these lost things the earth does treasure.

And through their quiet, slow surrender, return to life in newborn splendor.

All is not gone, but rather found throughout these hills of briared ground.

The graves below grass aren't drowned. That is the peace which here is found.

Leaves conceal but too embrace the dead across this desolate space.

The past remains in fractured grace beyond the Mount Moriah gates.

The following images were captured with traditional 35mm film, shot with a 1967 Canon Pellix.